Wat, Wai, Where

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The Wats Our first day in Bangkok was a pretty typical tourist one, visiting the big big sites of the most impressive temples and images of Buddha within Bangkok, as well as the Grand Palace…

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The Pleasure of Business

We don't usually fly in business class, even for very long flights. It was coach all the way and back for the endless flight to Sydney from LA a few years ago. But this time…

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New Do

To get ready for our trip I just had all of my hair cut off, except for an inch or so all around. Now I am really traveling lighter, not just because of the hair,…

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Thailand’s floods – improvising

It certainly seems churlish to worry about the details of a vacation that is starting in Bangkok and then proceeding to northern Thailand when millions of Thais are displaced and overwhelmed by flood waters across…

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Go local
Us at the Painted Rocks, Maria Island

Go local

Avoid westernized hotels and tourist trap restaurants. Staying in an apartment or with a family provides greater insight into how people really live. The food is much better, too. Shopping at local markets is great…

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Share the table

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We have had some great times with random natives over the dinner table.  In Florence one night we enjoyed several hours of conversation with a couple and their adult son in a mixture of Italian,…

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