Here is the main page covering our visit to the country of Rwanda, with a quick visit to Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, plus a slide show of pictures at the end. We had intended to end our visit to central Africa with a few weeks in Burundi, but our trip had to be deferred due to visa problems amid some political conflict.

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Our three week itinerary began with a visit to the pleasant Rwandan capital of Kigali, paying respects to the many who died in the genocidal war of the 1990s. Then on to some of the magnificent national parks and landscapes here.

  • Kigali (including Gisozi Genocide Memorial, Bugesera, churches of Nyamata & Ntarama)
  • Volcanoes National Park, including Mt. Bisoke
  • Musanze
  • Virunga National Park, DRC
  • Goma, DRC
  • Lake Kivu – Gisenyi, Kibuye, Cyangugu
  • Nyungwe National Park
  • Butare (including Nyanza museums, Murambi Genocide Memorial)
  • Akagera National Park

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SLIDE SHOW HINT: If you’ve already seen the earlier pictures in the slide show, keep clicking the Prev link below to get to the end of the group and view our most recent ones.