Thai Table Manners

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We’re still trying to figure out why Thai restaurants in America offer chopstix. Now a lot of Westerners don’t try to eat with chopstix even in a Chinese restaurant. We have to persuade the servers…

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Wat, Wai, Where

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The Wats Our first day in Bangkok was a pretty typical tourist one, visiting the big big sites of the most impressive temples and images of Buddha within Bangkok, as well as the Grand Palace…

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New Do

To get ready for our trip I just had all of my hair cut off, except for an inch or so all around. Now I am really traveling lighter, not just because of the hair,…

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Us at the Painted Rocks, Maria Island

Go local

Avoid westernized hotels and tourist trap restaurants. Staying in an apartment or with a family provides greater insight into how people really live. The food is much better, too. Shopping at local markets is great…

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Share the table

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We have had some great times with random natives over the dinner table.  In Florence one night we enjoyed several hours of conversation with a couple and their adult son in a mixture of Italian,…

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