Dancing with the Stars at the National Museum


She was giving us quite an attitude. Her long arms were arrayed in bracelets, her right hand defiantly planted on her hip, which jutted out sideways. She was all sassy, impertinent, take-no-nonsense, and – according to scholars who should know …

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MONA’s Teaser Smile


A six foot head of shiny dark metal lies on its side, as if the person to which it belongs is sleeping. As you move closer, the apparently solid head reveals windows and seams through which light flickers. Peer in …

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It’s All On at Te Papa Museum, Wellington


It’s a Kiwi smorgasbord: a display of Maori cloaks woven over a two hundred year span, an exhibit of European fine arts collected by the wealthy here, a “colossal” squid from the Pacific depths splayed out in an exhibit case, …

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