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Evora panorama

Enchanting Évora

In Brief: For all the notable highlights of the city, we were seduced more by its overall ambiance, absorbed through ambling, idling in plazas, and sipping Alentejo wine. The charm of Évora, a World Heritage…

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Along the trail, Monsanto

Up and over Lisbon

Parque Florestal de Monsanto may not be the most challenging peak in the area. Along the trail, Monsanto But our measurement of its climb at 120 meters or so, makes it a higher altitude within…

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About 1km of aqueduct high over Alcantara valley

Going with the flow

We had seen quite a lot of Lisbon and its surrounding towns when we first visited in the fall of 2017. This time we kept quite busy with other matters and enjoyed the pleasure of…

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Porto, from atop Torre dos Clerigos

High over Portugal

How could we have missed out on Portugal in our travels all these years, and especially Lisbon? We kept asking ourselves this question during our unplanned, but leisurely stay in the capital of Lisbon, plus…

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