Here is the main page covering our 6-month stay in Montevideo, Uruguay, plus a slide show of pictures at the end. Our intention was not only to visit the country itself, but to use it as a base for exploring Patagonia and other interesting sites in Chile and Argentina.

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We had time to explore quite a bit of Montevideo and enjoy its lifestyle. Our first trip outside the city was full of natural – and other – delights…

  • Humedales de Santa Lucia
  • Colonia del Sacramento, UNESCO designated city
  • Cerros de San Juan winery
  • Fray Bentos and UNESCO designated El Anglo meat processing plant
  • San Javier and wetlands of Esteros de Farrapos, on Rio Uruguay
  • San Gregorio de Polanco and Paso de los Toros on Rio Negro
  • Durazno

Our second excursion took us up the eastern coast and north of the country.

  • Piriapolis
  • Maldonado (including puppet museum and Uriburi collection of art) plus Punta del Este
  • Jose Ignacio and Laguna Garzon
  • Laguna de la Rocha
  • La Paloma, La Aguada, La Pedrera
  • Cabo Polonio
  • Aguas Dulces
  • Forts of Santa Teresa and San Miguel
  • Chuy/Chui at Brazil border
  • Treinta y Tres and the Quebrada de los cuervos (Raven Canyon) at Estancia Pinos de la Quebrada
  • Minas

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