Here is the main page covering our 15-day visit to Mongolia in April 2018, plus a slide show of pictures at the end. Mongolians say come visit in the summer months when the hills are green, waters flow, and temperatures soar. We say the winter’s just fine for savoring the stark desert landscape, the browns and golds of the hills, as well as snowy sand dunes or thick river ice to cross.

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Here is our itinerary:

  • Ulaan Baatar, the capital, including National History Museum, Fine Arts Museum Zanabazar, Sukhbaatar Square, Chojin Lama Temple, Gandan Tegchenlin Monastery, Bogd Khan Palace Museum, Zaisan Hill Memorial, International Intellectual Museum
  • Middle Gobi
    • Tsagaan Suvarga cliffs
    • Yol Valley (Vulture Canyon)
  • Gobi Desert
    • Khongor sand dunes
    • Bronze age burial sites
    • Bayanzag – Flaming cliffs, the “Cradle of Dinosaurs”
    • Ongiin Khiid Monastery
  • Orkhon valley
    • Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall
    • Tuvkhun Monastery
    • Kharkhorin – Erdenezuu monastery and Kharkhorin museum
  • The north
    • Khustai (Hustai) National Park – wild horses
    • Terelj National Park
    • Chinggis Khaan Equestrian statue

You can browse the map below for where we’ve been in Mongolia (and posted an article). Click a pushpin to find the posted articles from the marked locations.

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SLIDE SHOW HINT: If you’ve already seen the earlier pictures in the slide show, keep clicking the Prev link below to get to the end of the group and view our most recent ones.