Here is the main page covering our two-month long visit to these three countries on the so-called Horn of Africa, plus a slide show of pictures at the end.

For journal postings from Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti, CLICK HERE.

This has been a contentious section of Africa for centuries, with Eritrea and Djibouti forming the only access to the sea for the landlocked Ethiopia. Our itinerary took us to the following places:

– Asmara, the capital
– Massawa
– Keren and the livestock/camel market
– Quohaito, Senafe, Dekemhare and Adi Keyh

– Addis Ababa including Merkato, National Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Zoma Center
– Debre Libanos monastery
– Lake Tana, island churches and the Blue Nile (Bahir Dar)
– Rock hewn churches of Lalibela including Asheton Mariam
– Danikil Depression/Afar, including salt pans and lake, Dallol thermal springs and Erte Ale volcano
– Ger’alta and Abuna Yemata church
– Tigray mountains and the community guest houses
– Great Temple of Yeha
– Axum, the seat of empire, & St. Mary’s church and monastery
– Simien Mountains
– Bale Mountains
– Arba Minch
– Hawassa and Epiphany
– Omoria region and the Omo Valley, including Hamer, Dasenche and Konso villages.

– Djibouti-ville
– Lac Abbe and the Grande and Petites Cheminees
– Afar triangle (Great Rift) and Lac Assal
– Foret du Day, including rock art and hike to Bankouale
– Tadjoura, Obock, Raissali and the Red Sea coast

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