A Little Education: Profiles of India 4


This is the fourth set of profiles of people we have met in India. In this post, meet two people for whom education becomes a mixed blessing. (For the previous profiles, click Profiles 1 or Profiles 2 or Profiles 3) …

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Shock to the System: Our Tale of Two Cities after India


Coming to Singapore was a shock to our systems after six months in India. We booked nearly a week here as a form of R&R, thinking the city would be some kind of needed relief from India’s intensity. Our reaction, …

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What is an Indian City like?


After a few months touring the length and breadth of India, we gained a good idea of how the cities look and how the daily life works. We know generally how to find the supplies we need – what you …

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Star Struck in Jaipur


Entering the huge rectangular courtyard in Jaipur is like coming into a small walled palace, which would not be surprising in a town like this with old and new palaces all around. A low gate from the street interrupts the …

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A Walk thru the Middle of Nowhere


“What are you doing here?” asked the father of three, a software engineer for Microsoft from Pune, Maharashtra. He was not threatening us or anything like that, but just astonished we were staying at this inn, which comprised a set …

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Tongue-Tied with a Monk and a Mother: Profiles of India 3


This is the third set of profiles of people we have met in India. In this post, meet two people for whom language differences made little difference. (For the previous profiles, click Profiles 1 or Profiles 2) Common Tongue: Monk …

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The Three Faces of Mumbai


The enormous three-headed bust of the god Shiva presides over a huge 8th century temple hand carved from solid rock on Elephanta Island in Mumbai Harbour. That’s a one hour ferry ride from another emblem of the city, a triumphal …

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Family Business: Profiles of India 2


This is the second of a group of profiles we will post of people we have met during our trip to India. (For the first pair, click here.) We’ve changed a few of their characteristics and refrained from using any …

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Lord of the Dance: The God Shiva in Southern India


You’ve likely seen the sacred image in bronze many times. He dances, ringed by tongues of fire, the universe held in balance. The lithe, somewhat androgynous figure stands on his slightly bent right leg, his torso twisted subtly to his …

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The Naked and the Clad: Heights of Admiration


One of them is in his mid-50s, a bit stiff and very gangly, a welcoming grin on his face, his hand raised in greeting and dressed in jeans and cowboy boots befitting a frontier past – a treasured if not …

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