TIA – This is Africa


TIA. We first heard this phrase at our 2017 starting point in Madagascar, and then repeatedly in other parts of Africa. Typically, local people used the phrase by way of an explanation when something failed to work, or to explain …

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Jewels of Blantyre


Blantyre is the second largest Malawian city, and the capital of Malawi’s south, where widely different landscapes – hot lowland grasslands, cool highland hills and cloud-shrouded granite mountains – are in close proximity. Blantyre retains a smattering of colonial era …

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Jungle, forest, plains…and water of Rwanda


Rwanda is a small country; it only needs about 4 to 5 hours of driving to cross it. But it contains a diverse array of national parks and reserves, from the mountainous jungle of Volcanoes National Park (VNP) in the …

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Election Day, Rwanda


Good leadership unites people and finds ways to improve all lives. President Paul Kagame has just won a third term to lead Rwanda, as he has since 2003. He is widely popular. As a refugee and military leader against the …

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Gorillas and the fourth wall


Virunga. Perhaps you have read about this natural treasure and its notable inhabitants, the endangered gorilla. Perhaps you have seen documentaries or the movie, Gorillas in the Mist. We were willing to venture into the Congo, experience the Virunga forest …

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Genocide in Rwanda – fire and water


The bones and the charred clothing are all that remain…and the memories of the survivors. In just three months, the spring of 1994, the ruling party of Rwanda unleashed all out genocide against part of its population. Out of 7 …

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Madagascar: What we saw


Madagascar is a country of strong contrasts, all of which we were privileged to observe during our six weeks stay in most of Madagascar’s varied regions. It has a diverse, beautiful landscape over a territory 2.5 times size of England …

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Tiny Treasures at Isalo


“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.” – William Blake Visitors come to Isalo National Park in the south …

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The Indelicate Art of Paper Making


Hundreds of years ago the Antemoro people of southern Madagascar – Arabic in origin – began to make a form of papyrus paper decorated with real flowers. The art was revived by the French in the 20th century and thrives …

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Tsingys and furrows of outrageous limestone


We’ve frequently seen the shape-shifting nature of both limestone and lava rock, the one deposited by the sea and compressed into stone, the other spewed from deep undergound and cooled into rock. What is now viewable of these – the …

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