On the home page, you can find about a dozen of our most recent posts. Just click the titles to read. There are lots of photos included in the articles as thumbnail pics (at reduced quality), but each can be clicked to see in higher resolution and larger.

Country overviews: You can read an overview of each country we’ve visited (and posted from since the start of this blog) using the drop down “Itineraries and Pictures” menu just under the top photo. Roll over this menu item and global regions drop down. Roll over one of those regions and the list of countries appears, from which you can select a country by clicking its name. You can also click the region and get the same list of countries to choose from.

Access to photos, articles and itineraries via a country page: The country overview pages (accessed as above) describe, or list, our itinerary in a country…and give access to a lot more content.

On the country page you have three options:

  1. Click a link that loads up all the articles/journal postings we’ve written;
  2. Select a particular article via the map, which shows pins at the locations from which we’ve posted an article (but not all the places we visited on our itinerary) – you just click a pin to display  text with a link to the article;
  3. View a slide show of all the photos we’ve used in the articles for that country (at medium resolution) . Just let the slide show run, or use the controls to move around the slide show, or click any photo to make it larger.

Quickly view all articles from a country or region: Find the word “map” in the right hand column. Click on any country or region and all the articles pertaining to that location are displayed on the page (or several pages, if there are a lot). Once the articles are displayed, click any title to read the post.

Trip Tips: Click this to call up articles with more general ideas about improving your travel life.