What’s Up with Adventurephiles
Enjoying the view atop Rangitito

What’s Up with Adventurephiles

Mur-rom-boo! Thanks, mate! Salamat po! Ta! Kia ora! Thank you all for taking the time to share our 2013 travels in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines by following us directly here on the Adventurephiles…

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SE Asia Rules of the Road (2012 edition)

To the novice driver or a non-native, traffic in SE Asia may seem chaotic and undisciplined, with cars and motorcycles hurtling about each other. That is far from the truth. In reality, most drivers follow…

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Giving thanks

So there's not a turkey in sight, no mashed potatoes, no gravy. It's just a regular workday here in SE Asia and a regular travel day for most of the people we've met, since we've…

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New Do

To get ready for our trip I just had all of my hair cut off, except for an inch or so all around. Now I am really traveling lighter, not just because of the hair,…

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