The Secret Formula of Our 39 Steps

Actually, Hitch, it’s much more than 39, more like 150 to 200 steps, depending on which way you go. Our home in Wellington sits on the crest of The Terrace, the road astride some of the hills ringing the city’s …

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How to Make Friends While You Travel – A Dozen Possibilities

Why travel? Sure, Auntie Em, there is no place like home, but the world is full of stunning natural wonders, historic human creations, and exciting cities. Like many inveterate travelers, we hope to see a lot more of these in …

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Plugging in: SE Asia/Australia/New Zealand electricity made easy

For Americans, getting power for your stuff in SE Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar) is very easy. Everywhere we went, we found electrical outlets in which you can also stick standard U.S. two-prong electrical plugs. Easy. However, if you have a …

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Money matters

You can be a MILLIONAIRE in SE Asia! It’s easy. It’s fun. Here’s how. Thailand: You can have a million Baht just by converting $32,000 USD Myanmar: You can have a million Chats just by converting $1200 USD Cambodia: You can …

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Laundry tips in SE Asia

Traveling light should be the rule and it is so easy in southeast Asia. In Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam laundry services are everywhere. The cost is $1 per kilogram (2.2 pounds) generally. Even after 2 to 3 days, we …

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Toilet tips

It’s useful in every country to understand the accepted rules of hygiene. Turkish style toilets, those where one squats rather than sits, are predominant in many parts of the world, but they are often accompanied by some sort of flush …

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What 2 People and 10 Weeks of Travel Look Like

This is what packing for 2 people, 10 weeks and 5 countries looks like…and that includes Nancy’s scuba gear. Did we mention you should travel light?

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The Pleasure of Business

We don’t usually fly in business class, even for very long flights. It was coach all the way and back for the endless flight to Sydney from LA a few years ago. But this time we used airline miles to …

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Thailand’s floods – improvising

It certainly seems churlish to worry about the details of a vacation that is starting in Bangkok and then proceeding to northern Thailand when millions of Thais are displaced and overwhelmed by flood waters across the central plains of the …

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Go local

Avoid westernized hotels and tourist trap restaurants. Staying in an apartment or with a family provides greater insight into how people really live. The food is much better, too. Shopping at local markets is great fun. Escaping one’s comfort zone …

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