Honing a world: the Inca rise and fall


(NOTE: This articles is longer than our usual, but the impressive Inca history and culture merit the length…and more.) In 1532, the Spaniards arrived in Peru with hundreds of soldiers. They soon destroyed a sophisticated Incan empire stretching from Colombia …

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Lighting the dark: pilgrims to Isla del Sol


At the northern end of Isla del Sol, an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca, are the remains of one of the most sacred sites for the Quechua people, popularly known as the Incas. Before the empire was crushed …

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Trekking Peru


Over nine days, in the south of Peru, we did a lot of  trekking – Rainbow Mountain (1100 meter climb), the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu (about 65 kilometers, and a top height of 4630 meters in Salkantay Pass), and …

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Lines in the sand: signs of the Nazca people


The World Heritage designated Nazca Lines in the south of Peru are a complex network of lines and geometric figures drawn in the desert sand by Nazca tribe members around 2000 years ago. Spreading across 450 sq. kilometers, they are …

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Tiers for the dead: lost worlds of Peru’s desert


During our first few weeks in Peru, we had opportunities to enjoy such delights as pisco sours, fresh juices and the much lauded Peruvian gastronomy. Yet these have taken a back seat to the opportunity we’ve had to trace over …

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