Water and the water ways of Inle Lake


It’s not profound to note that communities develop around water, as a requisite of human life and a source of livelihood. Appropriately, we’ve spent a lot of our trip to SE Asia on the water, including four excursions on the …

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Cheroot, Cheroot, yaddada daddada daddada daddada

The favorite smoke on the streets of Myanmar is what they call a cheroot. It’s a small handwrapped hybrid of a filter cigarette and a cigar, costs about ten cents at almost any food stall, and smokes in about 20 …

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Heaven sent: the frescoes of Bagan (updated)


For over three hundred years, roughly from the 9th to the 13th century, the kings and the court based in Bagan turned their power, wealth and spiritual dedication into monuments of brick and stone. Over 4000 payas – temples and …

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Miracles and wonders in Mandalay


Mandalay was made famous in the West by a Kipling poem and the song made from it. On the road to Mandalay, Where the flying fishes play, And the dawn comes up like thunder Outta China ‘cross the bay. That …

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First impressions from Myanmar – revealing the city of Yangon


We really didn’t know what to expect in Yangon and Myanmar. With the American embargo here, and little information, plus the insistence by our travel agent on booking us into deluxe hotels and pre-set meals, we had an impression of …

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