Spirits that Dance – Malawi rock art & rituals


Ten thousand years ago, in a region where currently Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi meet, members of the Batwa pygmy tribe recorded important features of their life on the rock walls of their shelters. Unlike other early tribes of Europe, where …

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Africa in miniature – Malawi’s diverse south


Most people think…central Africa, grasslands, savanna, big animals. Southern Malawi had its share of this. Though other countries might get the headlines for big animal wildlife, you can still see plenty in this small country…and besides you can never see …

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Malawian Forest Tales


“You should go there,” a local suggested, “it’s a unique place in Malawi.” We had already experienced the lows and highs here. The heat-soaked grasslands and bush country of Majete and Liwonde where the wild animals roam free; the looming …

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TIA – This is Africa


TIA. We first heard this phrase at our 2017 starting point in Madagascar, and then repeatedly in other parts of Africa. Typically, local people used the phrase by way of an explanation when something failed to work, or to explain …

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Jewels of Blantyre


Blantyre is the second largest Malawian city, and the capital of Malawi’s south, where widely different landscapes – hot lowland grasslands, cool highland hills and cloud-shrouded granite mountains – are in close proximity. Blantyre retains a smattering of colonial era …

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