Other lives

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What if your life took an entirely different direction...and you discovered options for living you never imagined before? This is the great question we've been pondering as we meet Americans and Europeans who have utterly…

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Footnotes from Laos

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As we headed to Cambodia, we put together a few remaining thoughts about the wonderful land of Laos. The Hmong tribe There are many tribal villages that have been resettled by the Lao government, and…

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Street smarts

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The snide way of starting this post…What’s more street smart than the average American 10 year old? Answer: any Lao village two year old child, or its chickens, cows and pigs. The not so snide…

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Wat Phou, a preview of Angkor Wat

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At Champasak, just south of Pakse, we saw our first Khmer temple complex ruin, a primer of sorts for the main event near Siem Reap, where we plan to hike and camp. The Angkor people…

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Laotian dreams

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One guide inLaos shared his aspirations with us by the end of our time together. In his early thirties now, with two children and the intention to have a third, he is aiming for a…

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The long and winding road to the Plain of Jars

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You’ve got to be crazy to drive from Luang Prabang to Phonasavanh and the Plain of Jars. For 260 kilometers, or about 160 miles, you drive a two lane road through incessantly twisting terrain of…

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