Quite Contrary: Cartagena and Medellin


On the Caribbean coast of Colombia, during the carnival-like celebration in January, many celebrants dress up as Cayman Man. Half cayman (the local crocodile) and half human, the mythical figure embodies several dualities, human and animal, moral and immoral, good …

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Oddities of Villa de Leyva


The town of Villa de Leyva is perhaps a kilometer square, but it features one of the largest cobblestone plazas in all of South America. Around the square and in the grid of streets, many buildings date from the 16th …

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The many levels of Colombia’s highlands


Colombia is a land of plenty, one of the most biodiverse in the world, awash with rivers, filled with fertile lowland and highland areas –  in an overall area about 50% larger than Texas and with a population of about …

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Street Art, Bogota


Bogota has a vibrant street art culture. It began decades ago as expressions of rebellion by the young along with distaste for civil war politics, the political corruption that impoverished many, and the pernicious drug trade. Much of the painting …

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Music of the Starlit Night – Cali


The stars peeked out from behind the soft clouds, just a few of the brightest overcoming the lights of the city. The wind was soft and refreshing in a perfect temperature for sitting on the terrace above the second level …

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