A few of our favorite things in SE Asia, Part 1

It’s been six weeks, over 40 posts and about 1500 hits from readers since we arrived in SE Asia. So we thought we’d share some of our favorite moments so far. Feel free to share your own favorites by posting a comment. …

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Footnotes from Cambodia

As we leave Cambodia, here are some observations we’ve made along the way. Mines During the civil wars of Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge filled the countryside with land mines, particularly near the ancient temples in the outskirts of Siem Reap. …

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Music: the sounds of travel in Cambodia


We’ve had the chance to hear authentic Lao music on our Mekong boat trip and sampled traditional Cambodian music played by musicians who were injured by the unexploded mines still dangerous in the countryside (see below). The sound is a …

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Peace that passeth understanding: camping at sacred sites in Cambodia


On the itinerary it seemed pretty exotic: camping amid ancient ruins and then with monks on a sacred mountain in northern Cambodia. The reality turned out to be, well, different, but perhaps a lot more illuminating. Our first night was …

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From see to shining sea: the other face of Cambodia


Beyond the Khmer antiquities of Angkor and the recent atrocities of the Rouge there is another face of Cambodia. In the southwest lies the port city of Sihanoukville, named for its politically savvy king who, at age 90, recently passed …

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Other lives

What if your life took an entirely different direction…and you discovered options for living you never imagined before? This is the great question we’ve been pondering as we meet Americans and Europeans who have utterly changed the how and where …

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Red and white: the tinctures of Cambodian sorrow


For a little over three years till early 1979, Cambodia’s leaders savaged their own people. The numbers alone are chilling, with millions of Cambodians killed out of a population of perhaps 10 million, and at least tens of thousands tortured …

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Ebb and flow: life along the Mekong, part 3


The city of Angkor was made possible because of its proximity to the waters of Tonle Sap. This lake is the largest in southeast Asia, in rainy season being as long as 100 miles and as wide as 20 miles. …

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Khmer art: capturing spirit in stone (updated)


Here, in Siem Reap, it’s the looming temples of the roughly 700 year Khmer period of dominance in Southeast Asia. In Italy, it’s churches. In France or Germany, it’s castles. These are the endless number of attractions that a tourist wants …

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Cambodian dreams

One of our Cambodian guides shared his hopes with us, just as a Laotian guide did. (For that entry, CLICK HERE). His ambition came in four parts. First, he wanted to get married. Now in Cambodia, for a male, this …

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