A Farewell to Oz – with some hops, a few skips and a jump


We felt nostalgic and saddened as we prepared to leave our home in Melbourne and the country of Australia. We’ve loved all the quirky charms of the city – its trams, its hidden laneways, its mash-up of new and old …

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Seeing the Light at the Glass House Mountains


We did not notice him for several minutes, sitting quietly at one edge of the large open-sided octagonal hut. He was hunched over a book, slowly reading through what we soon learned was a Bible. At times he stopped to …

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Noddy but Nice – Trading Travel Disappointments for Delights


About an hour north of Brisbane, with about three hours driving left to reach Hervey Bay, the phone suddenly indicated we had gotten an unnoticed call. The barely listenable message said something about challenging weather conditions in the bay. “You …

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Cranes on the Horizon


Everywhere in Oz we see a construction boom. Even from our patio in Melbourne we can see over a dozen cranes, and we know that others are just out of view because we have been passing them on the streets. …

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A Family Takes the Plunge


“One, two, three, go!” yelled the father and his pre-teen son and daughter, as they cannonballed into a circular pool, fortunately quite deep though just 4 to 5 meters wide. The mother snapped the picture just before the three hit …

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Flights of Fancy – Viewing two natural wonders from above and below


We’ve long believed in seeing the terrain a step at a time, feeling the landscape while we hike up hillsides and into valleys, or feeling the texture of a city while prowling its streets and buildings. That approach gives an …

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Evolution in Darwin


We walked through the streets of Darwin in the early Monday morning. We expected a quiet city after our red-eye flight dropped us into town before dawn. With nothing open, we took the opportunity to trek over to the gleaming …

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A River Runs Through It – Learning Bunuba Culture at Darngku (Geikie Gorge)


At the newly made hut operated by the Park service, we tried to check in for our three hour Darngku Heritage (pronounced darn-djoo) tour of what the maps call Geikie Gorge (pronounced geeky). Dozens of people wandered about, purchasing tickets …

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Strangers in a Tribal Land: with a Gooniyandi at Mimbi Caves


We jounced along a half kilometer or so, feeling the road deteriorate as we went, unsure whether we were supposed to be there or should turn back. A few 4WD vehicles passed by, their drivers uncertain as we were where …

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The Highs and Lows of Campervanning


Planning a recent trip of 3800 kilometers – from Darwin in the Northern Territory to Geikie Gorge in Western Australia and back – we realized that would mean a lot of one night stops. Mostly we rent cars but with …

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