Birds of southern Africa
Bateleur eagle

We logged 280 different species during our trip through seven countries. We posted some of these along the way, but here are others we loved in favorite pics. As we reviewed the photos, we realized how well they showed off the different landscapes and ecologies we have visited…an extra bonus!

Yellow billed stork
White faced whistling duck
Violet eared waxbill
Pells fish owl
Black breasted snake eagle
Lilac breasted roller
Ground hornbill
Malachite kingfisher
Blue waxbill
Goliath heron
Kori bustard
Mountain chat or wheatear
White fronted beeeater
Yellow whiteeye
Black collared barbet
Marico sunbird
Kurrichane thrush
Chestnut vented tit babbler
Scaly feathered finch
Bare cheeked babbler
Black headed oriole
Swallow tailed roller
Emerald spotted dove
African fish eagle
Bateleur eagle
Collared pratincole
Wire tailed swallow
Black crowned tchagra
Fish eagle with fish

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