The favorite smoke on the streets of Myanmar is what they call a cheroot. It’s a small handwrapped hybrid of a filter cigarette and a cigar, costs about ten cents at almost any food stall, and smokes in about 20 minutes.

Now, we have been known to try a cigar occasionally. And we found out about the local cheroots on our first day in Myanmar, at a street noodle stall in Yangon.  There one of the sous-chefs was smoking one, saw us eyeing itt and offered another to us. You should know how difficult, if not impossible it is to find a cigar in SE Asia. People just don’t smoke them in the other countries, so maybe you could find a ridiculously expensive one at a resort hotel or those stinky Dutch Masters cigarillos. Anyway, once we were offered a cheroot, it was hard to refuse. And it was pretty good, like a mild and pleasant Dominican one.

Many days later, we saw them being made, and I am pleased to report that the cheroot is not only much more complicated to make than a cigar, which is usually just a few tobacco leaves rolled up, but all the cheroot’s many components are fully organic. Here is the recipe:

  • Prepare chopped tobacco
  • Mix in a variety of natural flavorings if you prefer, usually anise or mint
  • Roll up 5 tobacco leaves on a stick
  • Fill the tobacco leaves with desired quantity of chopped tobacco
  • Brush prepared rice paste as glue on the leaves and roll around the chopped tobacco
  • Attach a filter made of corn husks spiced with tamarind and pineapple
  • Cut the filter to the right size
  • Attach a rice paper band
  • Light it up.

So, go organic; try a cheroot.

(We’ve slow internet access for now, so no pictures available, but CLICK HERE to view a slideshow of previous pictures from Myanmar at the end of the Myanmar itinerary page.)

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  1. Michael Cummings

    Just checked backed through all of your posts to get caught up. Must be divinely guided because the most recent post was on the cheroot and how it compares to a cigar. Will go out and have a nice cigar in your honor tonight.

  2. Tye Rogerson

    Hi Barry & Nancy, great to read through your Myanmar entries now that I’m here. Okay you convinced me, I’ll blow some smoke rings towards a pagoda.

    1. Us

      So pleased you made it there as well as enjoyed the place and what we wrote.

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