New Do, Part 2: Saigon stylin’

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After six weeks of travel, it was time to get a hair trim and color refresher. We had passed many hair shops within a ten minute walk of our hotel and they all looked pretty…

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Saigon then and now: forgiving those who trespassed

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In Saigon, there are few notable tourist sites to visit outside of Chinese influences (the madcap market in Chinatown and some interesting temples there) or French influences (the wide boulevards and parks, the colonial buildings,…

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Miss Saigon?

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Coming to central Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, is especially disorienting for a new visitor. It’s one of the largest and densest of the cities in Southeast Asia and, despite wide boulevards designed by…

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Footnotes from Cambodia

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As we leave Cambodia, here are some observations we've made along the way. Mines During the civil wars of Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge filled the countryside with land mines, particularly near the ancient temples in…

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Music: the sounds of travel in Cambodia

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We’ve had the chance to hear authentic Lao music on our Mekong boat trip and sampled traditional Cambodian music played by musicians who were injured by the unexploded mines still dangerous in the countryside (see…

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Toilet tips

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It’s useful in every country to understand the accepted rules of hygiene. Turkish style toilets, those where one squats rather than sits, are predominant in many parts of the world, but they are often accompanied…

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Other lives

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What if your life took an entirely different direction...and you discovered options for living you never imagined before? This is the great question we've been pondering as we meet Americans and Europeans who have utterly…

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