It’s useful in every country to understand the accepted rules of hygiene. Turkish style toilets, those where one squats rather than sits, are predominant in many parts of the world, but they are often accompanied by some sort of flush mechanism. In southeast Asia there is no such thing because sewer type plumbing, as we know it, is rare.

Therefore, toilet paper cannot be thrown into the toilet. So, beside the toilet is a basket or plastic bag for disposal. There is also a bucket of water with a scoop inside and a tap above. The scoop is used to clean shoe dirt off of the porcelain, the water flowing into the basin to aid in cleaning and flushing by water pressure. Sometimes there is a water hose in addition. This is especially useful in certain situations.

With the exception of major hotels, flush toilets are not to be flushed unless absolutely necessary. The clue to this is if there is a hose or water bucket provided. If there is, use it instead of flushing. Flushing is a last resort. But, toilet paper still cannot be thrown in because the pressure is not strong enough to handle it.

As always, bring your own toilet paper everywhere. Just remember where to toss it.

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