We’ll be about 100 miles from Siem Reap for the next few days, camping amid Angkor ruins and at a pagoda in a mountain temple, so don’t expect any more posts for a few days. We’ll catch you up when we return.

If you read the NY Times story about unexploded land mines in Cambodia, please don’t worry about us. This is sadly a problem well known and well documented around here, and NONE of the places tourists go pose any problem. It’s the poor farmers out in the countryside, going to places as yet uncleared, that face the most danger. Yesterday, at each of the temple ruins we visited in Angkor, a set of musicians who were maimed by these mines played Cambodian music for tips (and selling CDs). We gave money to each, a weak form of apology for the American role in all this in the sixties, but hopefully a bit of help.

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