It certainly seems churlish to worry about the details of a vacation that is starting in Bangkok and then proceeding to northern Thailand when millions of Thais are displaced and overwhelmed by flood waters across the central plains of the country.

Here is a recent report from Al-Jazeera news:

But we are headed there nonetheless to start our SE Asia trip so we must change our plans and even so prepare to improvise.  But that’s a smart way to practice the art of travelling anyway. Plan what you can; always be ready to improvise.

So our planned drive from Bangkok to the ancient capital of Ayuthaya is washed out. We will instead fly to Sukhothai, the other ancient capital north of Ayuthaya to which we were also scheduled to drive. At least, that’s the current plan, assuming our airport is usable. The Don Muang domestic airport in Bangkok has just been closed due to nearby flooding. It’s  expected to open back up again by end of October before we even arrive there, but we’ll see. After that we’re up north where the floods are not a problem.

We will also spend an extra day in Bangkok (“at leisure” as agents like to put it). The silver lining there is a chance to visit the notable National Museum which was closed the only days we were scheduled to be in Bangkok.

Perhaps instead we will improvise again and do something much more useful by helping the Thais pile sandbags against the floods or volunteer for some assistance effort that would not be hampered by our inability in their language. We’ll find out as we adapt to conditions.

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  1. ROSE

    This is a wonderful idea and a great site. I hope to follow you somehow. Please take care and know you will be missed as you both add so much to our gatherings. Email if you need anything or we can do something for you. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. R

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